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weight loss extract factory

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White Tea Extract powder for skin and weight loss
Certificate of Analysis
AppearanceLight Brown Fine powderComplies
IdentificationComplies to standardComplies to standard
Loss on drying5% MAX4.21%
Moisture5% MAX3.64%
Ash5% MAX3.55%
Heavy metals20ppm MAXComplies
Residual solventsEur. Pharm. 2000Complies
E. coliNegativeNegative
Staph. aureusNegativeNegative
Yeast & Mold100cfu/g MAXComplies
Coliforms3 cfu/g MAXComplies
Gluten20 ppm MAXComplies
1.As cosmetics and additives on the fine chemicals: the role and have a strong inhibitory activity of antibacterial.
2.As a natural antioxidant food,has been widely used synthetic antioxidants BHA, BHT, TBHQ, PG and VE, VC and so on.

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Package and Delivery
25kg carton drum (800px*1450px)
1kg foil bag (250px*375px)
or by request of clients

Our services
Customers would be provided with below services if you are interested in our products.
1.A full refund will be guranteed if customers dissatisfy our products..
2.20/7 online service for your inquiries.
3.Free samples available.
4.Competitive prices.
5.Worldwide fast delivery.
6.Quality assurance.
Our Advantanges
1.Leading plant extract manufacturer in China.
2.OEM and ODM service available.
3.Factory sale directly with much competitive price.
4.100% Natural porduct, without any synthetize ingredient
5.Good Quality Control. There are 3 times quality checking before delivery.
6.Free samples are available.
7.All of the customers'samples/orders would be recorded and maintained secrecy.Customers can re-order with convenience and satisfactory.
Company Information
Founded in 2003 as a professional international pharmaceutical corporation, headquartered in Xi'an (China), Shaanxi Pioneer Biotech Co.,Ltd. is a leading producer of standardized herbal extracts, natural active ingredients and APIs for pharmaceutical, health food and cosmetic industries. Annually, more than 3,000 tons of a wide range of herbal extracts and natural active substances are extracted at Shaanxi Pioneer Biotech Co.,Ltd manufacturing plant near Xi'an, China. These extracts are in compliance with worldwide GMP norms, international Pharmacopoeias, and international regulations. weight loss extract factory
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